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Philly Swain Going In


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  Well i was at the opening of the Philadelphia Eagles season versus the New Orleans Saints. since it was opening day they had ex Eagles players signing autographs and taking pics. i got lucky and stumbled across a Hall of Famer and a hard nose fullback who's game i admired. we talked 4 a few, shared jokes and talked football.  Tommy McDonald told me "it's Tommy McDonald not Ronald McDonald" he's a funny man. when i took the pic of Cecil Martin he was like "u r not gonna post my pic on the internet r u" ( in a joking manner) i said shit yeah this is good blog material lmao. it was a pleasure talking 2 them. i think Cecil Martin still have a few more good years 2 play. he's still young. he was a hard hitting fullback. i dont see this now days......or the position might just go under the radar.

  i love football. i played a lil high school football and semi-pro football. the positions i played was FS/ST.  i would like 2 think i was good. all my broken bones since a child comes from football. i played my semi-pro ball for the Conshohocken Steelers from 05-07. not long but in that short span me and my team accomplished a lot. in 05 my team went undefeated 15-0 and won 2 championships. i guess u can say that was one the proudest moment of my life other then my daughter being born. we won our league championship(CFA) and we won the EFA. the EFA is the Eastern Football Alliance. the EFA gathers up the best teams on the eastcoast  and put them in a tournament. on December 3, 2005 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina we played the undefeated Virginia Ravens. who was the EFA Champions the prior year. i remeber them knock on our hotel doors the day of the game..... they said " are yall ready for this ass whoopin" they almost started a riot but my coach said take it out on the field. after that we had to go to breakfast with these dudes. they was talking big time smack. i dont know who booked us in the same hotel. i think i have it on tape somewhere. nevertheless we spanked them like a baby 21-17. we beat whoever stepped in front of us. in 06 we went 14-2 i say we went 14-1 the other lost comes from a game in Florida against a California team. they said it was like a Superbowl between the best team on the east and the best team from the west. i didnt go but from what i hear the refs cheated. we lost by 3 points. but that season was still a successful one. we won 2 championships again going back 2 back in both leagues. in 07 i played in 1 game. i was trying to comeback off of surgery and it was hard so i put the cleats up. now i will try to find some pics. 

  Tommy McDonald

Tommy McDonald. He was of boundless energy and without a fear, that little spark plug with no face mask. Tommy McDonald wasn't defined by his size or his stature. It was his immeasurable heart that made him, a halfback turned wide receiver, one of the greatest Eagles of all time.No matter who delivered the blow - Ray Nitschke, Dick Butkus, Night Train Lane, or another locomotive from the day - McDonald always bounced back, regardless of how his body wanted to react. His toughness became his hallmark, and he laughed every time.
The 5-foot-9, 176-pound McDonald caught 287 passes for 5,499 yards and 66 touchdowns in seven seasons in Philadelphia. In 1961, he led the NFL with 64 catches for 1,144 yards and 13 touchdowns. The next season, he nearly equaled those numbers (58, 1,146, 10).
For five consecutive seasons, from 1959 through 1963, McDonald went to the Pro Bowl. He caught a 35-yard touchdown pass in the 1960 NFL championship game that helped the Eagles beat the Green Bay Packers, 17-13.
And for his career - which included stints in Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Cleveland - the elusive McDonald, who wracked up yards after the catch, averaged 17 yards per reception.
But this number might best define McDonald: Three. He missed only three games out of 155 in his career because of injury, two because of a torn hamstring and one because of a swollen knee.
It wasn't that McDonald didn't get hurt. He just didn't let an injury slow him.
In 1959, McDonald had his jaw wired shut, and, incredibly the next week he scored four touchdowns. He broke four helmets, but never his nose. And in 1998, 25 years after he first became eligible, McDonald became the smallest player enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
His performance on the stage that day in Canton, Ohio, was vintage McDonald: Tough, emotional, giddy and real.
No one, not even the Hall voters, could keep McDonald down.
"All my life, all I ever heard was, 'You're too small. You'll only get hurt,' " McDonald told The Inquirer's Bill Lyon on the eve of his enshrinement. "Well, sir, I made that my fuel. That was what fed my engine. I'd show 'em."
And his reaction to the hits that just kept coming?
"I made that my signature, that bouncing up after a hit," McDonald said. "And, oh, that'd make them mad. I was dying, but I didn't want to let them know that. I didn't want to let them know I was hurt. I did want them to know they weren't going to intimidate me."
No one ever did.

   Cecil Martin

Cecil Martin is an example of one man who strives to define himself by the odds which he has overcome to be where he is today. From hard beginnings, Martin does not understand getting things the easy way. This is not only glorified in his personal life, but also in his career in the NFL in which he was an asset to his team and community.

Career Highlights:

  • In college received the NCAA Good Works Award twice
  • Senior Captain and team MVP at University of Wisconsin
  • Helped lead University of Wisconsin to Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl Victory
  • Received the NFL Ed Block Courage Award, and the NFL Unsung Hero Award twice in his four-year stay with the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Finished his football career with the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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ALLOW ME 2 INTRODUCE MYSELF. greetings people. wut it do? wut does?? wut it is??? wut it was???? im fairly new 2 blogging that's why i say welcome 2 my world. im a grown ass man and a father of 1. im from Southwest, Philadelphia born and raised. nowadays im all ova like dog shit. im slick at tha lips and dumb with tha tongue. if u know me u already know what it is. if u dont know me you will soon have a clue who i am.  this blog will be my walkin journal. i will be bloggin about anything that interest me, and that could be anything. im a very private person so i wont go into my private life.  but i will display some of my personal encounters and other matters. maybe some of my words can encourage people...... maybe not. 

 Time 2 rock with me. feel free 2 comment on anything that interest you. good or bad. if i can dish it, i can take it. walk with me on my journey. Q-BANGER

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ok so im sure everyone seen tha VMA awards. we seen a few wtf moments. some people really showed there ass. let's start with Lil Mama. wut made this girl get het lil ass out her seat and go up on stage??? i mean it was a dam good performance by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. i was thinkin maybe she had tha holy ghost??? lmao tha ending is almost priceless how she posed with them. i was thinkin maybe she's waitin 4 him 2 hug her also.
 lol. she just walked off tha stage and sat back down..... tha nerves of her. speakin of nerves........ it's Kanye's turn. this MOFO has sum problems 4real. tha nerve of him 2 spoil Taylor Swift joy. i thought that was classless and i do some priceless shit myself but..... i wouldn't have did that. i think it's time 4 him 2 get his ass whooped. i mean enough is enough. now it's tha talk of tha world. it's everywhere, u cant duck it. so im gonna sit back and see wut happen. everyone hates him now but i dont. i just think it was classless. he wouldn't like if someone did that shit 2 him. that's all im sayin.